Thursday, August 13, 2009


Gym~!!!!!!!!!The activity tat i had spent most of the time in during my 7 months holiday!The one without cloth and with a muscular post~ or sexy~is my SIR(gym instructor)!haha!i think most of the ppl will feel tat his body is disgusting!actually me too la!haha!guess how old is he!56 leh!!!!!!!!unbelieveable lor!lol~
5 months gym course had finished~and i learnt many many thing from my sir!It was really nice doing gym!Beside following him,the 'result" is not bad and more obvious than others!Happy wit tat!
Sigh~the sad thing is i am now in aimst!!!The gym here is SUCK!!!haha!Miss ULTIMATE FITNESS so much!lol~

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